BOPP Films

The Polypropylene product range of Impak Films includes the following:

  • Heat Seal, Anti-Fog & Matte BOPP: A full range of heat seal and heat seal with anti-fog are available with a range of seal initiation temperatures in combination with standard and high seal strength. Our Matte BOPP films are available as heat sealable or treated.
  • Metalized BOPP: Our metalized products have a wide range of and WVTR barrier properties as either non-heat sealable or standard and high heat seal strength.
  • White/Opaque BOPP: Standard white and white metalized polypropylene films are an alternative where increased opacity and metalized surface are required. These are available as non-sealable or heat sealable.
  • Coated & AlOx BOPP: For enhanced barrier and/or seal properties, these coated polypropylene films are one or two side coated to meet a wide range of market application requirements. The coating technologies include PVOH, PVdC (seal and high barrier) and Acrylic. Additional we have a range of AlOx BOPP films that are sealable or non-sealable.

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