Our Products

Impak Films offers a wide range of film products that are used across the flexible packaging markets. The main categories include BOPP and PET films that are heat sealable, metalized, white/opaque, coated (PVdC, PVOH, acrylic) and top coated AlOx for barrier. Additionally, we provide the most complete range of transparent, metalized, white/opaque, retort and semi-retort CPP films. Impak Films lidding products incorporate the latest technology required for demanding lidding applications that require anti-fog, non-anti fog, peel-able and/or weld seals. For sustainable and recyclable films, Impak Films offers biaxial oriented PE and a range of post consumer recycled (PCR) PET films. Our multi-layer products include 11 layer cast and 7 layer blown films as well as adhesive and extrusion laminated multi-layer films of foil/LLDPE and MET PET/LLDPE and many others.  

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