About Us

Impak Films US LLC is an Atlanta based business servicing the flexible packaging industry together with some Industrial sectors, focusing on providing customers with value added solutions using a technically superior product range.

Impak is at the cutting edge of technology in new film development and thrives in a business climate that demands the best in quality and performance. Impak has built a reliable network of suppliers around the world that offers no substitution in satisfaction.

The US business is part of Impak Films Pty Ltd of Australia, which has generated exponential growth over recent years resulting from Impak’s broader product range and significant technical expertise. This has enabled the business profile to transition from that of a supplier of commodity product to the Australian domestic market, to a business providing solutions based packaging products to a diversified and quality customer base which includes the Australian domestic market, the USA, South East Asia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Impak has significantly strengthened its Australian market share, having become a major player in that market, and, at the same time, has accessed the significantly larger and more dynamic U.S. market.

9110369_mAdditionally, Impak Films continues to expand our soaring network to remain at the cutting edge of technology in new film development and manufacturing that enables us to offer the best in quality, performance and ultimately value. In combination with our technical expertise, commercial support and product stewardship, Impak Films is committed to meet your flexible packaging needs.