Our Products

Impak Films offers a wide range of film products that are used across the flexible packaging market. The main categories include BOPP and PET films that are metalized, heat sealable, high barrier, and coated (Acrylic, PVdC, and PVOH) versions of BOPP and PET films. Additionally, we provide the most complete range of transparent, white, metalized, retort, and semi-retort CPP films. Impak Films lidding products incorporate the latest technology required for demanding lidding applications for fresh produce. For sustainable and recyclable films, Impak Films offers biaxial-oriented PE and a range of post-consumer recycle (PCR) PET films. Our semi-converted products include 11-layer coextruded films and multi-layer extrusion laminated products. For more details, visit the individual product sections to find solutions for your flexible packaging needs!